Data Collection and Analysis for Clinical Trials, Observational Studies and Registries

Developed over 10 years, NAVI has been extensively tested in the pharmaceutical and healthcare arena - Prof. Craig Currie, Cardiff University.

Software specifically for healthcare

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A leading web-based software application for the collection, moderation and analysis of healthcare data for clinical trials, observational studies and registries.

Easy-to-use, multi-lingual and accessible

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Designed to integrate into existing practice environments and compatible with desktop and mobile devices NAVI's interfaces support multiple-languages and comply with W3C accessibility standards.

Focused on data quality

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Data validation tools for point-of-entry quality assurance. Role-based moderation, for the querying and correcting of data, assisted by comment points, activity logging and full-audit trails.

Security and compliance assured

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Makes use of high-level encryption techniques (SSL, OAuth) for all storage and data transfer. All policies and protocols are supported by HIPAA, 21 CFR Part 11, HL7, GXP, CDISC and ISO27001:2013.

Example Form: Patient #000001

Hospital Number: ABC000 . Year of Birth: 1975 . Visit Date: August 01 2016

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Standard instruments

For measuring health outcomes NAVI supports many validated standard instruments, e.g. EQ-5D, EQ VAS, SF-36. Scores are calculated and dynamically presented within the form.

Custom instruments

When no standard instrument exists to meet a client's need, NAVI can include custom instruments, e.g. an interactive body map allowing the user to record the size and area of pain (see right).

Custom instrument browser

Real-time analysis

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Visual aspects of the user interface allow users and project managers to monitor study progression and headline metrics. Statistic for individual users, practices and country can help improve pratice protocol and overall quality of service.

Real time analysis graphs
Progress labels Email inbox

Progress reporting and notifications

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Inline status updates (e.g. procedure, follow-up) and messaging facilities via email, desktop and mobile, are instantly available to help with busy schedules, punctuality and quality of service. This helps ensure user errors are minimised and practice protocol is followed.

Additional services available for all NAVI projects.


Project-specific support documentation and user-entry qualification.


A dedicated team for any technical or project-support queries.

CPD and assessment

Online discussion, training videos, slide shows and assessment.


Customisable interface to integrate with existing branding.

Data persistence

Data backup, disaster recovery tools and a guaranteed 99.9% up-time.

Paper to digital

If digital data collection isn't practical, paper forms can be digitised.

Our development team is constantly working to improve NAVI. If you have any questions, ideas or feature requests, please let us know.

Contact and location details

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24 Wordsworth Avenue,
CF24 3FR.
United Kingdom

+44 (0)2920 782856

Mon to Fri 07:00 til 18:00 GMT